Video Surveillance with Your Home Security Camera Hidden In the Smoke Detector

cameras-160997702Home security video surveillance can be made even better by choosing to install your home security camera hidden in the smoke detector. These hidden cameras may not be the cheapest option for home security cameras – nor are they the most expensive by a long shot – but they offer you the ultimate surveillance you want for your home because it’s completely under the radar. When people know they’re being watched, they try to find ways to hide, which means that if a criminal knows he’s on camera, he’ll try to find ways to block your vision so you can’t prove he did anything wrong. But when there’s a home security camera hidden in plain sight, there’s no need to hide – meaning you will be able to see everything he’s doing and catch him in the act.

Why Smoke Detectors?

Smoke detectors are an ideal location for putting a hidden home security camera because they are required by law in every home. In fact, many states require not only one smoke detector in the house but one in every major living area and in every sleeping area. So if you’re at work when a burglar breaks in to steal something precious that you keep hidden in your sock drawer, your smoke detector hidden camera will record the whole thing. Furthermore, smoke detector hidden cameras can still work as smoke detectors, which means there’s no need to have two detectors installed. That would warn criminals that something’s amiss, anyway. You can just use one device to both watch your home and warn you of smoke or fires that may come up.

Pluses and Minuses of Hidden Cameras for Home Security

Living Room Panorama in Luxury Home 94098906No security device is perfect, and the hidden security camera unfortunately comes with a few flaws of its own. First off, they can be a bit expensive, costing as much as a few hundred dollars. But with the pan tilt zoom camera costing $500 minimum or more, they’re really rather reasonable for home security cameras. Also, hidden home security cameras usually do not have infrared imaging, which makes it harder for them to detect images and movement at night. But if you look hard, you can find hidden cameras that will record video in low lux and full color. And while they also are usually not weatherproof, generally you may want to keep hidden cameras inside your home where smoke detectors are usually kept. Smoke detector hidden cameras are still going to be one of your best bets for home security surveillance because of the fact that they are not noticeable and because they can save you money (most are motion-sensor activated, meaning they won’t turn on and use up the power unless someone moves near them).

Whether you place home security hidden cameras in smoke detectors, sprinkler heads, clocks, or other locations, these hidden security devices will keep watch over your property for you. A home security camera hidden in your smoke detector may never be detected by a criminal, but it’ll certainly allow you to detect him.