Smoke Alarms Can Save You from the Dangers of House Fires

Firefighters at burning fire flame on wooden house roof 178868697Smoke alarms are the home security devices that can save you from the dangers of house fires. Did you know that house fires are the most common disaster in the country? And did you know that there is an unplanned fire every ten seconds in homes across America? Every minute one of these house fires warrants a call to the local fire department. But while the fire department is there to be your backup plan, you may want to consider the benefits of installing smoke detectors in your house so that you can stop and prevent fires from becoming serious enough to need that backup. If you take control of your home security with fire alarms, you’ll avoid serious dangers and damages like the ones discussed below.

Smoke Damages to Your Health

House fires are also serious dangers to your health. The flames themselves can severely burn you, leaving permanent scars. But the smoke is really the main concern of house fires. Smoke produces carbon monoxide and toxic gases that act both as a drug and as an irritant. Smoke irritation will significantly damage your eyes and respiratory tract so that it is difficult and painful to see and breathe. It’ll also affect your brain and cardiovascular system, causing disorientation, confusion, dizziness, nausea, headaches, difficulty focusing or concentrating, and worse. Extended exposure to the smoke of a house fire will often result in loss of life.

Structural House Damages Caused By House Fires

Three firefighters standing in front of fire engine 84461122House fires all lead to all kinds of damages to the home. The flames themselves can eat through your home and destroy its foundation, the walls, the ceilings, and the rest of your property. But it’s really the smoke that you have to be worried about. Smoke can not only spread the flames but it’ll get through your pipes, ventilation, and HVAC system, gaining access to the rest of your home without trouble. Even if the basic structure of your home can be saved, you’ll have seriously damaged equipment and everything will continue to smell like smoke and house fire thereafter. The damage can be quite extensive. It is extremely important when a house fire happens that you completely rely on professionals to help you take care of the damages and restore your home to its original state. This means not trying to enter the home, not trying to clean it yourself, etc. because you do not have the experience or the materials with which to do so. You could make the damages worse, or you could cause the floor to collapse and seriously injure yourself in your attempt to get around. Firefighters and home security restoration professionals will be able to help you because they DO know what they are doing and they have the proper devices and equipment to restore your home.

Only you can prevent house fires in your home, and you can do this by having the right tools available to you to detect them before the situation becomes critical. Install smoke alarms on every floor and in every sleeping area so that you are warned the moment there’s a fire in your home. You can fill out the form on the side of the page if you would like to be contacted by a home security professional who can tell you more about smoke alarms and other home security products that can protect your home.